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Certified Neck, Back & Spine Surgeons in Salt Lake City, Utah

It is our privilege to assist you in treating your neurosurgical difficulty(s).   Please take a moment to read the following information about neck, back and spine surgery.

You have been referred for neurosurgical evaluation and treatment.  Neurological surgery is a very demanding specialty and we must limit our continued treatment to neurosurgical problems.  Other difficulties, medications, and questions should be directed to your primary care physician.

As back and spine surgeons in Salt Lake City, Utah, we are specialists, and we follow patients during their preoperative assessment, surgical treatment, and postoperative management.  Generally, postoperative follow-up is for a period of three months. Then, patients are referred back to their primary care physicians for any further care.

If an emergency arises after hours or on a weekend, one of our physicians is “on-call” at all times.  In severe situations or when in doubt, go directly to the emergency room at Intermountain Medical Center or your nearest hospital emergency room. 

Please call the office at least three full days before your prescription runs out allowing our staff the opportunity to collaborate with your provider.  When calling for prescription refills please give your name, birthdate, daytime phone, the name of the medication and the name and phone number of the pharmacy you utilize.  These will be called into pharmacies typically between 4:00 to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Please, pay close attention to your medication supply.

Patient and family phone calls are returned at the end of the day or early the following morning, except in urgent situations.  Please, let our staff know the context of the call.

Many patients require the temporary use of narcotic pain medication during neurosurgical treatment.  These are dangerous, addictive drugs, we are very careful in prescribing them.  Narcotic pain medication is for the postoperative phase only.  After this time, office re-evaluation will be required for further treatment, medication refills, etc.

We accept most insurance plans.  However, you must verify with your insurance company if the physician and the hospital are participating with your plan, as well as your specific insurance benefits.  We will bill your primary and secondary insurance for you.

We are honored to assist in your neurosurgical treatment.  The treatment provided you will be the latest and best presently available within the scope of the accepted standards of care.

Neurosurgical Associates, L.L.C.